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Coupon Links and Attributes

Coupon Links and Attributes

Automatically Apply Coupons at Checkout

Build and automate coupon campaigns to drive member acquisition and retention. The flexibility to use coupon links for targeted campaigns or coupon attributes for site-wide promotions allows you to tailor your approach to different marketing goals. This feature simplifies the process of applying coupons to the Stripe checkout, making it easier for your members to take advantage of your promotions.

Coupon Links and Attributes

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Primary Benefits

Whether you're running a sale, sending targeted promotions via email, or upselling one-time plans with a discount, we know you need a flexible way to apply coupons automatically at checkout.

By using the automatic coupon application feature, you can streamline the process of offering discounts to your members. You can easily set up on-sale or discounted pricing for events like Black Friday, or send coupons via email to incentivize activation before a trial ends. With the flexibility to apply coupons to specific plans and the ability to adjust settings in Stripe, you can tailor your promotions to suit your business needs. The feature also allows you to reward members for actions like signing up for your newsletter or upselling discounted add-ons. As a result, you'll be able to increase conversions, drive member engagement, and boost overall revenue.

How Coupon Links and Attributes Work

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There are two methods to do this:

Coupon Links:

  • Add a coupon ID to a special link (mysite.com/signup?couponId=25off)
  • Any member with that link will automatically get the coupon applied in Stripe checkout
  • Useful for marketing campaigns or providing coupons to specific members

Coupon Attributes:

  • Use the new data-ms-coupon attribute on pricing buttons
  • The coupon will be pre-filled for anyone who clicks that button
  • Great for site-wide promotions where you want all members to get a coupon

Check out this tutorial and demo video -

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