Build the SaaS you've always wanted & win cash prizes.

Free up your schedules between May 29 - June 14, as the teams from Finsweet & Memberstack are teaming up to launch a very exciting competition - you have 2 weeks to build a SaaS, from start-to-finish, using Wized & Memberstack.

At the end of the competition, we will be selecting the top 3 products based on;

  • Build quality (How well-built your SaaS is - security, UX, speed, etc)
  • Launch-readiness (How ready it is to be launched - zero placeholders, a marketing page, polished UI, etc)
  • Value to the Webflow community (Your SaaS does not need to be a Webflow app or add-on, but it should bring value to the Webflow community somehow - this could be tools for freelancers, agencies, etc)

The prizes for the top 3 entries are as follows;

  1. $2,000 Cash + Launch support: Direct access to ask the Finsweet + Memberstack teams any questions related to your product, marketing, and anything else concerning your SaaS.
  2. $1,000 Cash + Launch support: Direct access to ask the Finsweet + Memberstack teams any questions related to your product, marketing, and anything else concerning your SaaS.
  3. $500 Cash

Even if you don’t win, this is the perfect opportunity for you to launch a SaaS for the Webflow community.

Every single candidate who launches their SaaS through this competition will get;

  1. One Year of Wized & Memberstack for free: One of the hardest things about getting your SaaS off the ground is trying to find a product-market fit while still having to pay to operate. No matter what plan you need, you won’t need to pay anything for a year.
  2. Extra support: Both the Memberstack & Finsweet teams will be giving priority support to all candidates to help them build their SaaS quickly and effectively.
  3. Free exposure & marketing: We will be sharing and promoting all platforms built through this competition - even if you don’t win, the Webflow community will notice you.


  • What kind of SaaS can I build? You can build anything you want - but we strongly recommend building something that will bring value to the Webflow community.
  • I’ve already started building something - can I enter the competition with it? Maybe - we encourage all applicants to start their app from scratch on May 29. If you are looking to enter in something you have already started, you will need to show us what’s already been done, and what you intend to build over the next 2 weeks. We will approve your application if we feel your goals are ambitious enough that you are fair competition for people starting from scratch.

Learn about the integration

To announce the integration, we did a live stream to review why you would want to use Wized & Memberstack together - watch it here!

Secure your spot

You must pre-register before May 28.

If you are a freelancer/individual, use your name. If you are with an agency, use the name of your company.
Tell us as much as you can about the SaaS you plan on building.

Applications are now closed!

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Get brought up to speed

If you're just now hearing about the competition, get caught up on everything you missed right here!

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